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 Version 1.01, March 2008 


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LONG: Effective and Convenient Chinese-English Dictionary -Translator

Also runs on Windows 2000,
2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

 Version 1.01 - LONG is a Chinese-English dictionary and translator. Its name comes from the Chinese character for "dragon" , shown on the left, below the dragon picture.

  • As translator, LONG translates any Chinese text placed in the Clipboard (copied from any other place), either short sentences or long texts, creating a table with several columns, placing the original character on the left and the English equivalent on the right column.
    Use the translation to make Classical Chinese Reading Aids for the texts that you are working on, so you can use your time for reading, instead spending it looking at the dictionary. You can set how many information for each characters is shown in the printed page, according to your expertise.

  • As a dictionary, it allows you to locate either English words, single Chinese characters.
    Also it can help you to locate characters by filtering out the characters, based on the Radical+Strokes count + PinYin specified.

See how the program looks.

Both the evaluation and the full version include more than 20 000 chinese characters in its database. Download now LONG, it does not modify your system, since all its files are installed in its own directory. It offers many unique features, as you will know after you try it. If you like it and want the additional features in the full version, its price is only U$S 30.

What you can do with LONG

Chinese-English Translation

Two steps translation:

  1. Select and then copy the Chinese text you want to translate from Internet Explorer or any other program where the text appears.

  2. Click the Translate button

LONG will open a window showing the translation. See an example here (you should have some Chinese font installed in your system to see the Chinese characters in the page properly).
TIP: Use the Preferences button to customize how much information you want the translator to generate. The example above only shows an additional field: the Mathew dictionary number. Other information, like Pinyin, Radical/Stroke count, etc. can be included.
After you activate LONG, you will be able to save, print, select and copy the translation text.

You can also look at one single Chinese character in the Dictionary, either copying and pasting it, or by searching using Pinyin and/or Radical/Stroke count.


The Chinese-English dictionary, including more than 20 000 chinese characters, shows the information as a grid.

It your computer screen is not width enough to fully show the English text for some character, still the full text can be seen on the pasteboard on the bottom, as the following image shows.

From left to right, the grid field shows the Unicode number for each Chinese character, the character itself, the Radical/Stroke number, the number given to that character in the Matthew and Karlgren dictionaries, the Pinyin transliteration and finally, the English text.

By right-clicking on the selected line in the grid, a pop-up menu with commands allows you to copy or show different information and to show any other Chinese characters related to the current one.

Double click on any grid line to show full information for the selected character.

Favorites: Click View -> Favorites to show the Favorites pane, in case it is not shown. From Favorites you can add and see your preferred Chinese characters.

Use Searching, Ordering and Filtering Tabs to locate either Chinese characters or English text. The Filtering Tab is useful to filter out Chinese characters based on Pinyin and Radical/Stroke Count. You can learn more by reading about this topic in the program help after you install it.

English-Chinese Translation

Use the Filtering tab to show all Chinese characters related with any English word.
You can learn more by reading about this topic in the program help after you install it.

Special Features

Wade-Giles <--> Pinyin converter: Click the Tools -> Wade-Giles <--> Pinyin converter menu to open the converter. This converter is based on the "Correspondence of Wade-Giles to Pinyin" list included in the Library of Congress Chinese Romanization Guidelines.

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