v 1.23 - 600 Kb

Of course, you still can download and use the version 1.23 of AtomNetPE as it is (no cost, no support)

  • AtomNet can browse the web and supports the principal HTML 3 tags, but it doesn't support neither JavaScript nor Activex controls.
  • Zip support: can browse HTML pages and images and plays WAV files, compressed into zip files.
  • Full text search into zip files.
  • Their Favorites can point to HTML, Zip and Image local files, as to online files.
  • No installation is required. Only one file is demanded to run the program.
  • It demands few system resources.
  • Support frames, jpeg, bmp and animated gif images.
  • It is useful to manage web resources locally or to access to digital books collections, either in HTML or ASCII format..
  • Their main use is off-line and Intranet browsing.

Basic use

For online browsing, enter the URL (in the Address text box). For example:

  • To open a local html or image file, use the File/Open local file menu or enter the filename.
  • To view the content of a local zip file, use the File/Open local Zip file menu or enter the zipname.
  • To open a html or image file into a zip file, use the File/Open local Zip file menu or enter zip://nameZipFile/nameZippedFile. E.g.: zip://
  • To made a link in a HTML page, use the same methods.
  • To force AtomNet to call the installed Internet Browser (IE Explorer, Netscape or another) use the ext suffix (exthttp://myurl.htm). AtomNet doesn't support secure transactions neither Java nor JavaScript, thus, in some circumstances other browser must be used instead AtomNet.


Java neither Java Script are supported. To emulate the dynamic JavaScript buttons, Active buttons can be used.

Active buttons, images and links

An Active Button is one that changes when the mouse passes over it. AtomNet use a special syntax to implement active images. It is done with the <img> tag as follows:
  • the SRC="..." attribute should specify an animated GIF image
  • Add an Active attribute

With the active attribute, the GIF will normally just display the first frame. When the mouse passes over, it will display the second frame if there are 2 frames or will animate if there are more than 2 frames.

An Active Link changes their color when the mouse passes over it. The default active color is red, but it can be specified with the special OLink attribute in the body tag. The links on the left frame are active links.

Using Zip Files

AtomNet can access HTML pages and images compressed into zip files. There are some considerations to keep in mind, before using this feature:
  • The zip file must have only files, and no directories (folders) into it.
  • If AtomNet founds an <IMG SRC tag with a path before the image names, as: <IMG SRC="C:\myfiles\baloon.gif>, it will search for a file outside the zip. The same will occur if a reference to an Internet address is founded. Therefore, if you need it you can use the free utility Convert to strip off the paths from the image references in your HTML files. Download Convert (129 Kb).
  • If there is installed some application (as ZipMagic or ZipFolders) that causes zip files to look like normal directories, AtomNet wouldn't open the .zip files. To avoid this issue, rename the zip files to be used by AtomNet with the .ZIT extension. Thus INDEX.ZIP becames INDEX.ZIT.